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Car Seat Inspections

York Center Fire District has certified car seat inspectors. Car seat inspections are done by appointment. Please send an email to set up an appointment.

Take the Alarm Pledge

Be a Hero, Save a Hero, click here for more information.

Severe Weather and Outdoor Warning Sirens

Click here for information from the DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management on emergency sirens, thunderstorms, tornados and what to do during these emergencies.

Yellow Dot Program

The concept is easy - a specially designed yellow decal that you will display in the rear windshield of your vehicle. The sticker alerts first responders to check the glove compartment of the vehicle for a yellow card listing detailed medical information and any health issues the occupants of the vehicle may have. This program is free of charge to all Illinois residents. Please visit the IDOT Yellow Card website for additional information. You can pick up your Yellow Dot Packet at our station. Got The Dot?

Smart911 is now available in DuPage County

Smart911 allows you to store critical care and emergency rescue information with Smart911 in advance of any emergency. The information is collected on the Smart911 website. Then, if you call 911 from a subscriber phone (that is, a phone number you have registered and verified with Smart911 by responding to an automated call placed to that phone), Smart911's technology automatically makes your information available to your 911 operator provided that the 911 center receiving your call has Smart911 technology. In some instances that information is also automatically made available to responding units.

Smart911 can help protect you, your loved ones, and other members of your household. By storing your critical care and emergency rescue information with Smart911 during a calm moment, you can take the time to ensure that the information is correct and accurate and exactly what you would like to be communicated to emergency response teams in an emergency. Registering for the service is free.

Visit to register.

A Personal Safety Game Changer called Smart 911

File of Life

Have your medical information on hand when firefighter/paramedics arrive on the scene. Download our File of Life form, fill it out and place in your refrigerator.

Smoke Detector Program

Do you need help deciding if you need a smoke or Carbon Monoxide detector? Let our experienced Firefighters help you make that decision. We also assist our residents who are senior citizens install smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors.  

Remember to change your batteries each time you change your clock during day light savings time!

Non UL-Listed Smoke Alarms

Fire Evacuation Drills

Fire drills are not just a school time activity.  Is your home or business ready to react to a fire alarm?  Do you know what to do when a fire happens?  Contact the station and allow us to show you what to do in an emergency.  Our fire evacuation drills teach you how to identify fire, how to avoid getting trapped or injured, get to safe point outside the house or office and what to do after a fire.

Winter Safety Tips

Space Heater Dangers