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Serving To Protect Lives And Property...
Through Pride And Dedication



American Heart Association - Heartsaver AED Class (Non-Healthcare)

This class DOES NOT include First Aid. We do not offer First Aid classes at this time.



1. Print and fill out our registration form, click here.

2. Email Kelly to set up a time to drop off your registration form. This is done by appointment only!

3. When you drop off your registration form you will be required to pay the class fee to secure your spot in the class and you will take home your student workbook.

4. Review your student workbook prior to your class date.

5. If you need to cancel, your class fee can be transferred to another class date.

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Professionals   


2014 Dates

January 20 (Monday)

February 25 (Tuesday)

March 27 (Thursday)

April 29 (Tuesday)

May 20 (Tuesday)

June 10 (Tuesday)

July - TBD

August - TBD

September 23 (Tuesday)

October - TBD

November 10 (Monday)

December 16 (Tuesday)



Call (630) 627-1940 to set up an appointment.




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